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About Us


It starts with love


Hey Friends, 

My husband and I decided to officially open a business together in the 2018 Christmas season.   We have made gifts for family, friends, fundraisers, churches and the like for YEARS.  We love creating things together, and have fun showing off each others talents and strengths.   For example - everything glittery, sparkly, and fabulous is 100% a strength of mine!   Everything having to do with production, marketing, *being in front of people*, and business - is ALLLL Rusty.  We hope you find amazing products here that you love.  And we also hope that you can see through us that God has a use for everyone’s specific strengths, and personality!  When you use the gifts He has given you, and push the people close to you to do the same, we believe BIG things will follow.   For those that don’t already know, the shop is named after our fun, beautiful, and goofy daughters.   They are a big piece of the puzzle to this crazy life too, and certainly keep things interesting around here!  If you have any questions for us please shoot us a message.  

Thank you for stopping by!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will send you a mock up images before starting on any custom items for your approval!   Please call with any questions!